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Cass Agreement

08 ápr Cass Agreement

None of the provisions of CASS 2.4.2 R is necessary for companies if, for example. B the company or custodian is unable to comply with this provision due to legal requirements or filing practices imposed on a securities deposit or clearing system. For more information on participating in CASS, visit the IATA Settlement Systems Service Provisions (Cargo) Manual (pdf). All airlines have the right to participate. Ticket prices are $2,500 for IATA Airlines members and $3,500 for non-member airlines or GSAs. All other costs are divided equally based on the respective quantities that airlines process through the system. If airlines or GSA would like more information or if you would like to join CASS, please contact customer service. Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS) was designed to simplify the billing and billing of accounts between airlines and spestators. It works via CASSlink, an advanced, comprehensive and web-compatible electronic billing solution. the extent of the custodian`s liability in the event of the loss of a secure custody system resulting from fraud, wilful delay or negligence on the part of the custodian or a representative appointed by the custodian. That the custodian provide the company, on a date or date indicated by the company, with a statement containing the description and amounts of all the security depositors credited to the account; custodian owns or registers a secure custody system for the company`s client (or if the company is a trusting company that is custodian) regardless of a particular facility of the business or custodian; That the custodian grant the withdrawal of a secure deposit from the account only for delivery to the company or on company instructions; Each market can accommodate a CASS operation as long as there is a sufficient volume, i.e.

more than one airline/carrier. IATA conducts a market assessment to identify all potential participants, operational practices and operating costs. Implementation is then conditional on the decision of this market group to join the CASS and bear the operating costs of casS. No one who really knows how it works will give too much detail, but the other answers deal with it.